Customer Buys FAKE Diamond Ring For His Girlfriend

We fulfilled his desire to impress his lady with THE LEAST amount of money as possible 😌 For REAL wedding rings, engagement rings or diamonds, visit us at: Christine Jewellers 1280-4151 Hazelbridge Way Richmond, BC, V6X 4J7 Canada Shop jewellery and watches online: Diamond Inquiries: [email protected] IG: Tiktok: FB: YT (Watches): #fakesdiamond #diamondring #engagementrings #engagementring #diamondrings #vancouver #vancouverbc #richmondbc #vancity

15 thoughts on “Customer Buys FAKE Diamond Ring For His Girlfriend

  1. After his request he shows him a 18 k dollar ring. So either this is fake of it’s the worst seller ever

  2. I mean I don’t care what stone it is, but the least amount of money to impress her? Dudes standards aren’t very high huh?

  3. He’s so rude- boyfriends can make girls happy not mad bc it’s fake and he can lie If the girl asks- 🤬😡🤬

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