Royal Wedding Rings are Made of WELSH Gold! #shorts

Royal Wedding Rings are Made of WELSH Gold! #shorts There is a rare and expensive gold called Welsh Gold. Royals have been using this gold since 1911 when Edward VII used gold in the regalia for becoming Prince of Wales. And all royal weddings from 1923 have used this their wedding rings. Unusual and sometimes untouched details on history and culture. And join us to follow our family home renovation. The house is 160-years-old. Subscribe Venmo: @Deanna-Falchook advanced liposomal products SUPPORT: Free Life Insurance Quote: $10 OFF SUPPLEMENTS (advanced liposomal delivery)collagen AMAZING SUPPLEMENTS from VASAYO

22 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Rings are Made of WELSH Gold! #shorts

  1. The Queen became very fond of Camilla. She finally realised it was Camilla who really made Charles happy and helped him undertake his tasks. Camilla takes service and duty seriously unlike some members of the RF who wanted ‘private’ lives.

    1. @Joshua Adams She wasn’t deemed to be in the early 70’s but (1) how would they know (2) would it bother most people nowadays?

    2. That’s not what was said on the British network long ago.
      The late Queen didn’t have to give Camille, the home wrecker, slut any gold for her wedding band.
      Camille doesn’t deserve it.

    3. It was reported on British network that she knows she’s not liked like Princess Diana was and she’s trying to look like Princess Diana with her wardrobe and compete with her personality.
      That’s one reason Charles got upset when he was married to Princess Diana. She became much more popular than he did. Charles also got discussed bc Princess Diana was so tall when he wished she was shorter bc he wanted to stand out more. He would get upset when visiting a village and everyone was yelling for Princess Diana and not him. Charles got extremely jealous. But Camille is trying to win the world like Princess Diana did. It was also said that most royals don’t like Camille. It’s hard accepting Camille with Charles after he made his late wife so sad and miserable. During the marriage of Charles and Diana, Camille actually told Princess Diana that you have everything so I want your husband. Naturally, Princess Diana got slightly upset and told her that Charles was her husband and father to the boys, you can’t have him. Camilles first husband shouldn’t have married her either bc it was also mentioned that Camille slept around.
      She should be satisfied with her success of being a Queen consort. She wanted that when she and Charles first met.
      I pray that Harry finds out the exact truth of his Mother’s death. I’ve always thought she was murdered to get her completely out of site.

    4. @Tammy Heffner Charles and Camilla had met in the early 70’s and have been in love ever since. She has not slept about during her marriages with all and sundry. As for Diana’s death – what is clear is that she got into a car with a drunk driver and wore no seatbelt. It id devastatingly sad for BOTH boys and for the rest of her family.

  2. This is so antiquated! No one, Absolutely no human is better than another! No one should bow to another! “Special” gold for jewelry when people are starving! Greediest of the greedy!

    1. The RF were given the nugget of gold by miners in Wales and the Queen Mother had her wedding ring made from it. Since then the Royal brides have hade their rings made from this nugget so far as I am aware.

  3. I just love the information that you have thank you for doing your research I thoroughly enjoy your channel

  4. Yes, our Welsh heritage knows this and is regarded as a form of subjugation by the British. Cymru am Byth !! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️🇺🇸

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